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Flowering Urns at Hedsor House

Wendi & Jerome

Hedsor House


The inspiration for this wedding was a quest for dramatic flair, a desire to create a setting that would truly wow guests as they entered. Taking cues from the bride’s wish to evoke the same sense of drama as the memorable wedding scene in Crazy Rich Asians, the couple’s engagement shoot served as the creative starting point. The central design elements revolved around Gypsophila and Roses, but with a distinctive twist of pink. To pay homage to their engagement shoot, photographs from this special session were thoughtfully placed along the tables, adding a personal touch to the decor.

Outside the St Nicholas church at Hedsor House and in the Entrance Hall, guests were greeted by large stone urns overflowing with an opulent mix of Spray Roses, Roses, Clematis, Eucalyptus, and trailing Jasmine. These breathtaking arrangements delivered the wow-factor the bride had envisioned, and they even brought tears of joy to her eyes when she first laid eyes on them.

However, the true show-stopper of this wedding was the Ballroom at Hedsor House. Two long tables adorned with trays of pink Gypsophila and Limonium, generously studded with long-stemmed Roses, were complemented by gold accents in the chairs, cutlery, and glassware. The design incorporated mixed-height wine glass-style candlesticks interspersed between each floral arrangement, infusing the room with romance and a sense of graceful movement.

While the design itself was elegantly simple, its grand impact was truly felt as the doors were thrown open, revealing a luxurious and impressive aesthetic that left a lasting impression on all in attendance.

Photographed by Georgia Beth and Joanna Nicholls