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tent with birch trees in the centre and tables coming out from the centre

Summer Wedding

Private Home

Over the course of two days, this wedding celebration unfolded in a garden paradise, an ode to the bride’s love for lily of the valley and her desire for a touch of pink on the second day.

The first day’s outdoor drinks reception, immersed in a sea of white and green, celebrated the bride’s favorite flowers, Lily of the valley, which filled the air with their delicate fragrance. The garden was a serene oasis where guests enjoyed champagne and canapés amidst the lush greenery, creating unforgettable memories.

On the second day, the couple sought to infuse a pop of pink into the proceedings. The garden was transformed with the addition of pink floral arrangements, and table runners, harmoniously complementing the natural beauty of the setting. The two-day celebration, spanning the serenity of all-white and green to the vivaciousness of pink, was a testament to the couple’s love, their appreciation for nature, and their ability to create a wedding that was as diverse and beautiful as their journey together.

Wedding Planner – Seal and Sherlock

Photography – Lara Arnott