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floral design on the bottom of the staircase

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

The celebration of a corporate 70th company anniversary held at the prestigious Natural History Museum in October marked a truly remarkable event attended by 1000 guests. Embracing the theme of a vintage circus, the evening exuded an air of nostalgia and theatrical charm. The floral arrangements, meticulously designed to align with the theme, were nothing short of bold and dramatic, featuring a captivating array of textured and unique floral varieties.

The colour palette chosen for the occasion was rich and opulent, characterized by deep jewel tones that included sumptuous plums, velvety reds, and regal purples, all punctuated by touches of vibrant yellow. To add a touch of opulence and luxury to the ambiance, accents of gold were incorporated into the floral installations.

This harmonious fusion of vintage circus aesthetics and a lavish colour scheme created an enchanting atmosphere, making the company’s 70th anniversary celebration an unforgettable and striking affair.

Photographed by Two by Two Photography and Joanna Nicholls