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Georgina & Scott

Two Temple Place

‘Pastel perfection’ is one term we’d use to sum up the beautiful flowers used for this wedding! Powder pinks, soft blues, lilac, pastel yellow and touches of white, using the best of British flowers, worked perfectly against the dark wood panelled spaces at Two Temple Place.

Two long banquet tables featured floral designs at mixed heights – each filled with organic, natural and fragrant flowers, with smaller votives of Sweet Peas and nightlights in frosted peach glass dotted down the length of the tables. Place settings were adorned with a single sprig of Eucalyptus whilst the mantlepieces in the spaces were dressed with mixed clear glass vases and bottles – each with a different mix of fragrant pastel flowers.

Two large stone urns and plinths were placed outside the main entrance, merging effortlessly with the stone façade of the building, filled with an array of flowers including tall spires of Delphinium – providing the most perfect backdrop for photographs.