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Holkham Hall set up design, displaying three flowering urns

Josh & Alina

Holkham Hall

Josh and Alina’s romantic wedding at the enchanting Holkham Hall in Norfolk was a vision of naturally beautiful, soft pastel flowers, thoughtfully chosen to complement the venue’s inherent grandeur. In the already stunning Marble Hall, our design choices were equally impactful. We employed a trio of stone urns on stone plinths to guide guests’ attention, with florals cascading gracefully down the staircase which created a romantic ambience finished with an abundance of candles.

The Lady Elizabeth Wing, while a bit more of a blank canvas, received just as much attention to ensure it matched the ceremony’s impact. Here, we once again embraced the power of threes, suspending a trio of floral hoops from the ceiling. To add a touch of softness, Olive and Birch trees alternated along the room’s perimeter, while the tables featured garden-inspired arrangements in footed rose bowls, for an elegant finish to the space.

Photographed by – Sharon Cudworth

trio of urns in holkham hall