Lavender Green Donations plays a pivotal role in our ongoing sustainability mission, aimed at making a positive impact on our local community. Our core mission revolves around spreading joy, wellness, and knowledge, ensuring that pre-loved flowers and plants continue to serve a purpose long after their initial bloom.

Through our automated donation system, we channel these beautiful plants to a diverse array of organizations, ranging from nursery schools and PTA groups to sheltered accommodations and care homes. The results of these efforts have been truly remarkable. Over the past 24 months, in partnership with local charities, we’ve organized plant sales using the donations we provide. In this short timeframe alone, these sales have raised an impressive sum of over £17,000, 60% of our total funds raised! These funds have made a substantial impact across various causes, from enabling children in low-income families to access high-performance sports programs, assisting families escaping domestic violence, ensuring essential resources for those in extreme poverty, to supporting numerous PTA initiatives. Our impact even extends to assisting a village in Gambia, among countless other endeavours.

Our flowers enrich the local community in multifaceted ways, from enhancing biology lessons in schools to engaging toddlers in activity sessions. They’re thoughtfully fashioned into bouquets to express gratitude towards teachers and are sold by PTA groups to raise essential funds. They brighten local community hubs and provide solace to new families who have fled domestic violence, as well as our elderly neighbours in sheltered housing. In addition to these significant financial contributions, we ensure that suitable flowers find their way to local Hospices. These flowers serve a dual purpose: enhancing the ambiance of bedrooms and communal spaces, while also becoming a source of creative expression through flower arranging workshops.

Our unwavering commitment to these initiatives brings immense joy and support to countless individuals while also yielding substantial environmental benefits. By diverting a significant portion of our waste into these meaningful avenues, we’ve managed to reduce our waste output by an astounding 70%. This reduction directly contributes to a significant decrease in our carbon footprint, paving the way for a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. Join us in our journey towards a greener, more socially responsible future, one bloom at a time.

What our charities say

“The support from Lavender Green has been a lifeline for our small charity. The flower sales have enabled us to buy nappies, underwear, toiletries and help towards our heating bill! We are so grateful for their continued support. It takes a village to raise a child and we love that Lavender Green is part of our village.” – Rebecca Mistry, Co-CEO at The Babybank

“The support of Lavender Green has made an incredible difference to WBSBC over the past couple of years and has enabled a number of key projects to progress and also helped us support those who are not able to perhaps afford the costs that come with this challenging sport of rowing. The Boatclub boys and parents are extremely grateful for the ongoing support that is making a real difference” – Mark Wilkinson, Director of Rowing at The Windsor Boys School Boatclub

“Your donations of flowers bring so much joy to everyone who visits our hospice as well as helping us to create family-days and fundraising events to raise much needed funds. The Kindness of local businesses like Lavender Green is the reason our charity exists.” – Maddie Jones, Corporate and Events Fundraiser at Alexander Devine Childrens Hospice Service

Windsor boys selling pre loved event flowers
child planting flowers in school garden

WANT TO KNOW WHERE YOUR donations went?

After your event or wedding, our dedicated team takes charge of sorting and distributing your flowers with the assistance of our extensive network of over 200 local volunteers. We meticulously document the destinations of your floral arrangements and plants, and we will provide you with updates on the meaningful contributions they make within our community.

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