The Little Details, Flower Girls and Page Boys

20 May The Little Details, Flower Girls and Page Boys

Overflowing buckets of peonies gently creep open, boughs of silver birch sway under the arches and shelves creak with the weight of trailing foliage; a sure sign that Wedding Season is upon us! With excitement reaching fever pitch and couples eagerly awaiting their wedding day, here at Lavender Green Flowers we want to give you insight into how we use The Little Details to create precious moments.

Of all the details on your big day, the littlest of all (in size, definitely not of importance) are your flower girls and page boys. Delicate flower circlets and dainty wrist corsages are, of course, a beautiful way to adorn the smallest members of your wedding party. Traditionally, flowers are used to tie together everyone, from the groom down to the page boy. Many Bride’s don’t take into consideration that wedding guests will be wearing a variety of colours, prints and patterns. That is why harmonious tonal foliage and flowers help to establish a theme, tie the Bridal party together and, act as a backdrop to the day.

Poppy and Pippa carrying their floral hearts, wearing beautiful Little Eglantine dresses

 At Lavender Green, we love to use flowers to create something truly unique. Which is why, this wedding season, our Managing Director Sue Barnes has designed what we expect to be the new ‘must have’ little detail. An exquisite floral heart. Modelled by Poppy and Pippa, two of our favourite little flower girls, on what can only be described as the most adorable shoot ever witnessed, these hearts came into their own.

 As with all our flowers, everything is sketched for you in your consultation, giving you not only a guarantee of what your designs will look like, but the opportunity to really get a feel for the big day. For these floral hearts we used a combination of delicately wired White Wax Flowers and ivory Spray Roses entwined with Gypsophila. Depending on your colourway you could choose Jasmine, Sweet Pea or any other small flower which would complement the rest of your wedding party.

 Most important to the success of any bespoke creation is its practicality. As enchanting as it is to see an adorned flower girl walking down the aisle, even the most darling child will not like wearing or carrying anything bulky, ill-proportioned or clumsy. As florists with over 25 years of experience designing, creating and installing wedding flowers, we are trusted with the enviable task of crafting stunning little details for your special day.

 It’s often the unexpected little details which will stand out in the memories of your nearest and dearest for years to come. These floral hearts promise to do just that.

Hannah Scott Weddings

With thanks to Amy Fanton  our photographer, and Little Eglantine for the gorgeous dresses.