Flowers Meet Interior Design

30 Aug Flowers Meet Interior Design

This month, we have been fortunate to gain an extra pair of hands at both our Windsor base, and London store. Hannah Williams, joins us on her summer break from Bournemouth Arts University, to learn about the buzzing events world. Studying Interior Design, who better to ask about trends and how these can often collide with florals…

I have always been interested in designing interiors from a very young age. Instead of drawing pictures of me and my family like most other people my age, I would be drawing out floor plans for my dream house (..or Barbie house).  I am now about to go into my third year of university studying Interior Architecture, therefore I have dedicated this summer to gaining experience in areas which may interest me after this! I think work experience is so important whether it’s for a few days or a month as you get to see behind the scenes of a variety of businesses and how the processes differ – which is really interesting in the design and events management world!

After seeing Lavender Green Flowers’ website and Instagram I felt inspired by the range of events, exhibitions and weddings they help design. Three days in and I have already learnt so much, from the office side of things to helping the florists, designing mood boards and visiting the store in Kensington to do a Terrarium masterclass! 

Summer 2016 in the Interior design world can be summed up by three words; Tropical Island Disco. We have seen pineapples, flamingos and the odd disco ball being used for all types of interiors, from restaurants to bedrooms. Interior design and floristry have similarities, as they both involve designing a space whilst considering colour palettes, seasons and trends plus the logistical side such as light and sight paths. I have created this tropical themed mood board to reflect summer 2016 as we head towards the autumn months.  I have used large leaves and a colour palette of vivid orange, pinks and greens using flowers such as Anthuriums, Spathiphyllum, Peonies and Succulents. I have also thrown in a disco ball and pineapples for a fun interior touch.

Love, Hannah x