London Fashion Week – Ashish

23 Feb London Fashion Week – Ashish

Another designer from yesterday, and a personal favourite of mine that I couldn’t not talk about, was Ashish. Known for his use of jewel-toned appliques, glittery trainers (the models even wheeling down the runway on skateboards!) his designs create that fun element which are a perfect muse for slightly more relaxed floral designs.

For this, think inconsistency, letting the flowers be very organic and naive in their form. Tying the idea of different shapes, sizes and coloured bottles with beautiful stems of every-colour-under-the-rainbow flowers, something quite simplistic on its own is transformed when scattered down the centre of a long table, or even placed in a cluster as a more unusual bar design.

Oh and don’t worry about clashing colours, that’s the whole point!

Love, Ash.