London Fashion Week – Alexander McQueen

21 Feb London Fashion Week – Alexander McQueen

Closing day 3 of LFW we have the iconic Alexander McQueen. As seen recently at the outstanding Exhibition “Savage Beauty” showcased last year at The V&A, this is one brand that will continue to make masterpieces that are more like works of art than clothing.

The amount of elements to seize from the brand’s ever-growing archive and history is vast, and can be quite conflicting at times depending on the underlining message of the collection. For example, we have the gothic crow dress, but then fast forward many years and Sarah Burton has created a breathtakingly stunning Bridal Gown for Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. So to translate through to florals we try to give a nod to more tonal, earthy and textured arrangements; and depending on the style of the event, this can be placed in contrasting black or even moss covered vases to finish off the look.

Venue dependent, arrangements don’t just have to use flowers. Faux crows, and feathers can be buried amongst designs, or indeed lace wrapped and contained; there is only rule…it needs to scream drama!

Love, Ash.