The Team

Lavender Green Team

  • Sue
    Creative Director and Owner
  • Clare
  • Maddie
    Weddings Manager
  • clara
  • Scott
    Contracts Florist
  • Alice
    Head of Client and Event Design Projects - It’s safe to say Alice brings unlimited amounts of energy to the sales team on a daily basis which is a must in the fast pace events world. With a creative past and over three years of experience at Lavender Green, Alice is never short of new unique ideas, always keeping an eye on new trends.‘Why do you love working at Lavender Green?’ ‘There’s a lot of freedom to express yourself within the company which creates the best designs – it’s one big dysfunctional family - not one day goes by where there isn’t someone cracking a joke’
  • Dawn
    Warehouse Manager
  • India
    Store Manager and Florist
  • Megan
  • Sofia
    Office Administrator
  • Tom
    Transport Manager - With over 9 years’ experience working at Lavender Green, Tom is the go to man when it comes to getting our deliveries from A to B, installed perfectly and collected swiftly- alongside his wonderful team. As transport manager Tom knows the London Roads so well he could (hypothetically) do it with his eyes shut. ‘Why do you love working at Lavender Green? ‘There’s no other place like Lavender Green with the diversity of people, jobs and challenges which, once fulfilled gives a huge amount of pleasure. ‘
  • David
  • Georgia
    Project Manager
  • Amanda
  • Lianne
  • Robert
  • Marie
    Accounts Manager
  • Doreen
  • Kielly
    Director of Floristry - As Lavender Greens Head Florist for events with more than 35 years’ experience under her belt, Kielly has unlimited knowledge in the realms of flowers for some of the biggest venues in London. ‘Why do you love working at Lavender Green?’ No day is the f**king same .. 17 years working at Lavender Green Flowers and there has never been the same day EVER.’
  • Jo